Teczera Course Quality Checklist

We here at Teczera have set minimum standards and requirements in our courses. We ensure that the courses in our platform are delivered with the best practices for our students to enjoy their learning experience.

Be it free or paid courses- we want the best for our students.

Our published course entails the following features:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of video content in HD quality
  • At least 4 separate informative lessons.
  • Experience professionals are allowed to provide the courses.
  • Helpful notes and lectures (if required) 
  • Assignments, quizzes and tests with flexible deadlines (if required) 
  • A course respective forum for discussion of concepts
  • A direct call provision for course consultation.
  • Student-friendly learning outcomes, requirements, descriptions, curriculum, and eligibility criteria
  • embedded video links for free courses (our servers don’t host videos of free courses)

Our course homepage contains:

  • A High-quality image in compliance with teczera standards (<200kb and 1280×853 in JPG format)
  • Engaging title and subtitles
  • Clear and concise course outcomes and requirements 
  • Self-explanatory course descriptions and eligibility
  • Well organized curriculum in understandable capsules
  • Credible instructor bio
  • Student list with their learning progress 
  • Reliable Reviews

Updated : 12 July 2020