Live Online Training

Live online training is one of our features which provides our instructor to get into touch with our student more deeply and provide them with the best knowledge that they can and ensure complete satisfaction to our students. Skype is the platform with which we provide live training to our students the reason for using this platform is that this platform provide good conferencing and gives us the guaranty safety and privacy of its customers and for us, the security of private data of our customer is one of the biggest priority.

And to maintain quality teaching we at teczera always prefer only 5-10 students in regular and weekly batches in only one-on-one student-instructor interaction session this allow us to maintain the quality of teaching and provide full satisfaction to our students.



The timeline will be settled as per the planning and convenience of the instructor and the timeline will be sent to the student with the confirmation mail of registration of online training.

Fully Satisfactory

In teczera, we believe in providing the best quality knowledge to our students at the consistent interval and our classes are fully insured and will always run on the day as decided by our instructor and the classes will never get cancelled due to minimal issues like low enrollment. Even if 1 student attends the class the instructor will go through with the class and will make it count for students.

How to join our live training program ?

  • Register for the class and once the registration is done the student will get a confirmation mail with all the details required by the student for joining the class.
  • Now before the class begins to make sure you download the software and completely set up your system so that you can directly connect to the training without any worry
  • On the day of live training start connecting to the system as updated by your instructor and according to the details sent to you on confirmation mail.

How to communicate during live training?

To get better voice and video communication use headset with which you can listen and interact with you instructor. To ask a question just simply speaks up with your microphone or leave a comment.

If you want any more assistance feel free to contact us and we will make sure everything is settled.

What more an instructor could provide to the students in live training?

Every student and the instructor will be connected one by one through live web conference on the day of the training class.

It allows the instructor to connect to the students more personally and provide them complete satisfaction.

What to expect on the day of live training?

On the day of live class your instructor will teach you according to the timings sent to you in the confirmation mail sent to you by our website. In live training, the trainer gets extra time to personally take the students through various exercises.

What about the data safety of students?

To ensure the safety of data and privacy of our students we have chosen one of the safest video conferencing platforms for our so that they can gain knowledge without worrying about their personal data.