Lifetime Access

In teczera we try to provide our students with the best features available and taking this thinking forward we have added the lifetime access feature to the free courses of our website. In this feature when a student joins any course for free will have the lifetime access to the course provided that your account is active and running with teczera and teczera have access to that course.

Some frequently asked questions related to this topic are given below:-

Will the students have access to the course even after finishing it?

Yes, the student can take the free course as much time as he wants and he will still have access to the course. Student can take the full course again or review a specific part of the course again according to his preference.

If a student bought the course using a coupon will the student will have lifetime access to it?

No we don’t provide lifetime access to the paid courses.

Do free course also offers this feature?

Yes,  once the student has enrolled into the course the student will have access to the course till it is available for free on our website.

What will happen if the instructor decides to take down the course from teczera?

In our policies the instructor has full rights to remove, edit, update his course anytime he wants and we have no rights to restrict the instructor. Even sometimes due to various policies or legal reasons we have to remove the course from our website. So if the instructor takes down the course or we have to remove it from our website then the student will lose access to the course contact us and we will definitely help you out.

Updated : 18 July 2020