Keeping your account secure

Teczera offers good support to its users as well as its clients. These days cyber crime has increased a lot and social media accounts are getting hacked easily. In order to prevent such circumstances, Teczera advises its users to secure their accounts on this platform to the best possible extent.

The most important factor that we follow is a proper pattern of the password. While you register for Teczera and frame your password, you shall find that the strength of your password is being calculated. Every password should have at least 6 characters with at least one upper case character, one lower case character, at least one numeric character and one special character (@, $, &, *, etc.). It is advisable not to use punctuation or quotation marks while framing your password.

The most important factor that one should keep in mind is that one should never share his or her Teczera password with anyone else. In case you forget your password, it is possible to recover and change it through our portal.