Instructor Verification Process

We at teczera believes in providing the best quality to our users and this purpose keeps pushing us to do our level best. So to be the best version of ourselves we need to have the best professionals of IT industry teaching on our website and therefore to ensure that our instructors are genuine and experienced we have Instructor identity verification programme. Information and FAQ’S on this topic is given below:-

Is personal data of instructor safe on teczera?

Your personal data (Resume or other important document) is completely safe as once the verification is completed we remove the data from our store.

How many times does the instructor need to complete this process?

The instructor will have to go through this verification only once and once done the instructor is all set to start a course on our website.

Do the other working professionals in the course (like the co-founder) need to go through this verification?

Not only will the person who is registering as the owner of the course have to go through this course.

Does the instructor need verification for free courses?

Yes, it is mandatory for every instructor to go through this verification before publishing a course on teczera whether free or paid.

Does the instructor need to submit his course for review even after verification?

Yes even after completing the verification instructor need to submit the course for review and once approved the instructor can post his course on teczera.

How do teczera do the verification of the instructor?

In teczera for the best quality, we ourselves do the verification manually for each application and make sure that only the eligible and experienced instructor work on our site.

Updated : 15 July 2020