Instructor Revenue Share

While it’s completely free for an instructor to start a course on teczera and an instructor can put a number of courses for free on teczera. And we have designed our INSTRUCTOR REVENUE SYSTEM in such a way that our partnership with our instructors keep on prospering and we will create new milestones together. So given below are the complete details about the instructor revenue share according to the source of traffic generated:-

Instructor Promotion:

 This classification includes the traffic which is derived from the promotion done by the instructor and the students who bought the course from the promotion of the instructor will apply the coupon code given to the instructor. For this, we will give 70% of the revenue generated to the instructor.


This is the traffic which comes to the site from various organic searches and the SEO optimisation of our site will help an instructor to generate traffic from this source and the instructor will get 70% of the revenue for this traffic also.

Paid user acquisitions channel sales:

This is the traffic that comes from the ads and various shoutouts on social media by various paid affiliates and this is the traffic which increases the reach of the website and the course.

Here also we will pay the instructor 70% of the revenue generated.

Revenue details:

This is the section where an instructor can check the details of the amount of revenue generated, withdrawal.etc. In this section, you can also add, remove, change the PayPal account where you want the money to be sent. To check, the revenue and withdrawal details of the instructor go to the top right corner of the website and click on profile. Now click on withdrawal option and the user will be taken to the section where all of his revenue details are stored.

Updated : 14 July 2020