Instructor Missing payment

Teczera believes in providing complete satisfaction to both our instructor and our students so we provide a 30 days refund guarantee to our students and for this reason, we pay the instructor payment after 40 days of student purchasing the course this window enables us to satisfy our students and make them believe that they have put their money in the right place. So to assure quality work and hassle-free service instructor have to wait for 40 days before getting his payment. For information on payments go to your profile on teczera and open the option withdrawal here you will find all the information related to your payment.

If you’re monthly payment is due and you have passed the 40 days window than first look at this problem because on majority this is the reasons for instructor not receiving payments

1. Check whether your PayPal account is connected to your account.

2. Check whether you have completed the course and the process has been completed.

3. Check whether your PayPal account is active and verified by us.

4. Contact customer care of PayPal

If the above-given points don’t work for you contact us and we will make sure that you are fully satisfied with our service.

Updated 17 July 2020