How to become an instructor on TeczEra? FAQ

We’re glad that you choose our website to share your valuable knowledge with our students but we at teczera ensures the best quality to our students so before you enroll as an instructor make sure you have the potential to satisfy our students and take your teaching experience to new heights.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding becoming an instructor on our website:-

Do I need any certificate or test passed before becoming an instructor?

No, we believe in sheer knowledge and thinks that a piece of certificate can’t show your potential and ability to teach. So if you have good knowledge of what you teach go ahead the world of unlimited opportunities is waiting for you.

On which topics can I teach on teczera?

Teczera is an online teaching platform only for IT-based subjects or courses. So you can teach only IT subjects on our website.

What are the options for contacting our students personally by the instructor?

We at teczera believes in the complete satisfaction and full money value guarantee to our students. So te ensures them that they are personally being taught by the best professionals instructor could make a direct call provision for course consultation and a course respective forum for discussion of concepts.

How will the instructor get paid?

The instructor will get paid through PayPal and they can request their funds on our site. Teczera is one of the best websites when it comes to delivering payments to our instructors. So you don’t have to worry about that.

What are the minimum requirements that your course must meet?

The course should have a minimum of 4 lectures with at least 30 minutes of HD video content.

To ensure that we are working with professionals we have an application review system which reviews and approve the instructor and only the approved instructors can teach on our platform.

What is the main method of teaching on teczera?

On teczera, the instructor can teach their courses in the form of video lectures and to increase the quality of their course the instructor can add various tests, quizzes, assignments with fixed deadlines. We also have a feature of live training to increase interaction between the instructor and the student.

Do we have any program to promote the course?

No, we don’t believe in putting an instructor ahead of all others just because the instructor is giving us some money because in teczera our preference is quality not earnings.

Do the instructor needs to pay teczera before getting started?

No instructor doesn’t need to pay us to start teaching what they all need is the approval of their application from our application review system.

Updated : 14 July 2020