How TeczEra works? FAQ

Teczera aims to provide quality skill training to our students so that we can build them into a better human beings. In our website we provide quality training to students on various IT subjects. We chose to prosper in the field of IT industry because it is one of the most rapidly growing industry across the globe and to be competitive we must move with time and by carrying this thinking forward we introduced teczera where students can learn from various experienced expert of their respective fields and prosper accordingly.

Some frequently asked questions about this topic are given below:

What subjects are included in teczera?

Teczera only include topics related to IT subjects

How to take a course in teczera?

Taking teczera course is very simple just find a course of your interest and just start learning new skills. And in teczera there are no deadlines for you to start and study the course will be based entirely on the student and instructor convenience.

Is teczera an accredited website? Can I use the certificate of teczera for legal purposes?

No, our website is not accredited and certificate issued by us is just to show that the student has learnt this skillset from our website. Students can’t use certificate if completion issued from our website for legal purposes.

How to pay the fee of course?

In teczera we support PayPal and razorpay app for sending and receiving funds so our students must make their payments using PayPal or razorpay app only.

What if the students have any query?

In case of any query the student can just visit our FAQ section where we have answered the most frequent questions asked about our website by various students. If the students have any other problem than feel free to contact us we will help you out.

Updated : 18 July 2020