Find your missing course

In case you have purchased a course on teczera but unable to find the course after purchasing then this article is for you to go through it deeply and you will positively find your course. For finding your missing course do the solutions given below

1. Go and check the confirmation email sent to you by teczera. After the purchase of course teczera instantly send the mail to the student containing information about the price of the course, tax applicable and other details regarding the course if you didn’t receive this mail

 If you didn’t find the confirmation the student must have mistakenly purchased the course using a teczera account with a different mail address so you can try either switching your account or give us a mail and we will merge your accounts for you manually.

If you haven’t received any confirmation mail even at the same mail address then some problem has occurred while purchasing the course and your purchase is not yet completed. To check this go to your teczera account or check your PayPal or another account for details of balance deducted recently.

Account information:

If all the above-given points are verified then go through your account verification once and make sure you have entered all your account information correctly while purchasing the course snd your account has sufficient balance to complete the purchase.

And if that doesn’t work for you don’t worry we are standing with you go to contact us and just give us a mail about your problem and us will make sure you sail through it easily.

Updated : 17 July 2020