Certificate of completion

In teczera whenever our student completes a paid course we award the student with the certificate which will help him to showcase the skills he possesses and this certificate helps the student in the respected field. But please keep in mind that this certificate is not for formal accreditation as we are not an accredited institution.

Also, the free courses do not include any such certificate.

This certificate will be available to the student after he completes all the lectures, live training or any other activity related to the course.

Some frequently asked question related to certificate of completion is given below:

On which format can we save the certificate of completion?

Certificate of completion can be saved in .pdf or .jpg extension so that the student can easily showcase his skills to his friends, employers, co-workers.

Even after going through the course I can’t able to download my certificate?

To download the certificate the student must go through all the curriculum of the course according to the instructions given by the instructor.

I have completed all the curriculum according to the instructor but still, I can’t generate my certificate of completion?

The website does require a few minutes after you complete the course to generate the certificate of completion.

On which language certificate of completion arrives?

Certificate of completion arrives in the English language only.

How to change account name on my certificate to my personal name?

To change the name just contact your instructor if he is not doing it contact us and we will positively help you out.

How to change the format of the certificate?

No, you can’t change the format of the certificate as it comes with its own templates which can’t be changed.

Updated : 19 July 2020