Our Story

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We take pride in our values. They define us as responsible humans of an integrated global community.

Ashwini Barhate, Founder

TeczEra is an Online Educational learning provider by adopting latest technologies and methods to impart the best course material to the prospective learner.

TeczEra offers a wide range of online courses through its self-developed, user friendly and innovative online learning platform. Whether it is to develop professional IT skills, procure a certificate course, or simply take advantage of the free courses, TeczEra online training is the ideal e-learning solution for all.

Our Online curriculum is designed with high quality because industry is interested with professionals with relevant skills and knowledge. We present an interactive user friendly online tutoring platform where the teachers provide online lectures to students over the internet with the assistance of a real-time virtual learning environment. Our primary focus is to assist students in earning higher education irrespective of their location. We wish to provide knowledge seekers the leverage of low costs, absence of traveling, self-paced coursework and time flexibility.

TeczEra do alliance with the educational institutes and transform the traditional education system to e-Learning based system. With the help of TeczEra, the institutes significantly lower their cost of IT infrastructure and focus more on their daily operations.

We emphasize upon the importance of education as a career as well as profession. We empower students and professionals to remain updated and upbeat with the latest trends and advancements in this competitive educational scenario. We at TeczEra bridge the gap between the What’s and How’s of the bottlenecks of education regime faced by the learners in their journey of education.

Education For All

We at TeczEra aim to make IT education available for all. We teach the most complex subjects so that your computer- aided learning becomes easy.

Free Education

We at TeczEra doesn’t charge a dime from users for free courses. One can learn an array of subjects free of charge, thus, fulfilling our free education motto.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that everybody should be given an equal opportunity to learn irrespective of economic limitations.


Sharpen your competitive edge in this era with TecZera


Penetrate the online educational services to a plethora of learners and education seekers.

What is our future plan?

To serve the online education market so that everyone will grab the opportunity of education. To prepare students with updated skills as per the requirement of industry.